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Welcome to my blog. I am a fine art photographer in Mount Vernon, Washington. Hope you enjoy your stay!
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James + Ariel Engagement Session | Skagit County Engagement Photographer

James + Ariel Engagement Session | Skagit County Engagement Photographer

What a lovely young couple! So much fun! James and Ariel are completely adorable!

Er . . . I should be completely honest . . . while all of the above is true, in the interest of full disclosure, I should also mention that one half of this beautiful couple is a close relative (as in daughter)!

All familial interest aside, however, I really did have a blast photographing Ariel and James. There was a bit of talk beforehand as to whether they would feel completely comfortable posing for me (especially with all of that smooching going on), but as you will see by the photos, NO PROBLEM. :-)

We started the shoot at The Gathering church in Mount Vernon (Washington), moved on to Pine Square in downtown Mount Vernon, and finished in the gorgeous daffodil fields of Skagit County just before sunset.

You'll notice a few photos taken at the Lincoln Theater's box office. The Lincoln is a restored 1926 historic vaudeville & silent movie house in downtown Mount Vernon. James and Ariel's first real “date" took place at the Lincoln.

Apparently, it wasn't officially a date, as they had just met and Ariel had asked James if he'd like to join her at a movie “because none of my other friends want to see it." (I think it was James Dean in Giant, if I remember correctly). In no way did Ariel want James to think it was a date! So they each paid their own way and, despite (at least Ariel's) very neutral intentions, a romance blossomed! That was w-a-y back in 2009.

All light-heartedness aside, I believe James and Ariel were made for each other--they are a very special young couple with a beautiful love for God and one another. I hope that comes through in these photos.

Paschal Celebration + Saint Andrew Orthodox Church | Skagit County Photographer