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Welcome to my blog. I am a fine art photographer in Mount Vernon, Washington. Hope you enjoy your stay!
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Travis, Class of '13 | High School Senior Photographer, Skagit County, WA

I've known Travis for the last seven years and I don't know what happened, but he grew up! One day he was a kid and the next, he's getting senior photos . . . what the?! Especially because of that connection, I was honored to take his photos.

Travis was so cooperative with everything I asked him to do. I'm telling you, I'm getting spoiled with these clients who make my job so easy! When I look at Travis' photos, two things stand out: how much he looks like his dad and what a handsome young man he's become (whoops, hope I don't embarrass him too much)!

We even sneaked in a last photo with his mom (gotta preserve those memories while we can). Thanks, Travis, for trusting me with your senior photos. It was a blast!


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