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Welcome to my blog. I am a fine art photographer in Mount Vernon, Washington. Hope you enjoy your stay!
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Dorothy - 8 Days New | Newborn Photographer | Skagit County, WA

I can't begin to describe how thrilled (and ready!) I was to do my first newborn session! I was very prepared and excited to preserve these precious memories for little Dorothy and her parents.

We did Dorothy's session eight days after her birth. For those who don't know, newborn sessions are best at around five to ten days after birth . . . they are only this young once! At three months, they’re all baby, and there’s not much left to remind you of the newborn they once were--except pictures.

Another reason for taking these photos early on is that newborns will sleep (and therefore pose), for you much easier. However, it was also fun to catch little Dorothy awake and smiling while Daddy held her and tickled her nose . . . it doesn't get more beautiful than those moments, folks.

I have also included a photo of Dorothy's beautiful printed baby announcements (courtesy of Bella Vita Creative, of course). The announcements went out to distant relatives and friends who, believe it or not, are NOT on Facebook and would have never been introduced to her had it not been for these precious photos.

Still with me? Let me tell you about the other day: I was visiting my 87-year-old mom, who mentioned some photos she had recently received on a DVD. Her sister, who lives halfway across the country, had inherited their mother's scrapbook. She got around to scanning photos from their mother's book and sent them to my mom on a DVD.

We placed the DVD in the computer drive, sat back, and took a walk down a path of memories dating back to the early part of the century. For the first time, I saw photos of my mother's adorable older sister, who died at 18 months of age, and who my mom never knew.

I saw my grandparents as young parents, cuddling and laughing with their children as babies and toddlers. I saw the light of laughter in their eyes--these people who I barely remember or knew.

And it struck me how we are all traversing this circle of life, passing on our love from generation to generation, and how I felt closer to my grandparents and great grandparents, simply by viewing those blurry, scratched, black and white photos.

I don't think my mom noticed, but my eyes were filling with tears. I managed to blurt out, “Wow. Somebody took the time to take that photo."

And I'm so glad they did.

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